Monday, June 2, 2014

Nine Months

Already nine month! Time is going by so quickly!! I probably say that every month, but it really is so true. He can now pull himself up on anything he can find, he has the fastest hands around and grabs everything he sees, he can crawl anywhere now but you can tell all he wants to do is walk, favorite new foods are Mandarin oranges and pears, and he can pick up cheerios but can't figure out that they can go in his mouth he just holds onto them really tight and doesn't let them go. 
Grizzly Game

First time at the Bear Lake cabin. He already loves it!

Eight Months

I am a few month behind, but I decided today is my catch up day! Kaden is getting so big!! He is moving all over the place and is getting really fast, he doesn't like when people leave the room (especially his dad) and he cries until we come back, he can eat solid foods as long as we break it into small pieces, and his favorite things to do are play with dogs and go swimming. He LOVES water!! He is getting more personality everyday and is so funny to watch him figure things out. 

We went on our first hike with Kaden. We went to the top point in Zion's Canyon. The
name of the Hike was Overlook Trail. It was eight miles long. Next time we will find something
a little shorter. Kaden was a little tired..... 

Kaden's little friend Ayden. They are so funny to watch together. 

First tumbling meet!

Hiking in St. George 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Seven Months

Happy seven months to this guy! This month has gone by faster than any other month. He can now army crawl, loves to splash while taking a bath, likes to play peek a boo, loves to knock over towers when we build them for him, his latest trick is sleeping on his belly just like his daddy. His makes us laugh everyday and we love him for that. We got his six month pictures taken and we love the way they turned out. He was in such a good mood and loves to get his picture taken. We were there for two hours and he did so well to stay happy the whole time. 
Kaden loves dogs, especially when they bark. He just laughs and tries to grab their ears.
Good thing he has two grandmas that have dogs so we don't have to get one ourselves. 

We had a party with our birthing class and only a few of us were able to come, but it was still fun to see
what the other babies were up to and talk to old friends. 

Michelle's mission farewell. We are going to miss this girl!!

This is a funny story. No matter how hard to tell Kaden what his favorite toy should be he loves to play with
his red shoes. We were trying to take pictures and all he wanted to do was eat his shoes! We had to keep a
few of the them so we can remember and tell him about it one of these days when he understands how silly
it is.What a funny kid with his own little mind.